These are the biggest ultrawide monitors you can buy

These are the biggest ultrawide monitors you can buy

You can find plenty of massive 40-inch monitors on the market, but these curved, ultrawide displays are a special breed of huge. They used to be the weird new player in the monitor world, but these days, ultrawide aspect ratios have found their place.

Judging by size and size alone, here are the absolute biggest, ultrawide monitors you can buy. 

For 34 inches that offers QHD resolution…

biggest ultrawide monitors samsung se790c monitor review 2 1500x1000

The LG 34UC89GHP Z34c, Dell UltraSharp 34, or Samsung CF791.

34 inches seemed ridiculous when these monitors first hit the market — but now they’re only the starting line for many gamers. Still, a 34-inch ultrawide gives you a monitor that’s 31 inches wide. That’s 8 inches wider than the usual 27-inch monitor. 

These monitors are also more affordable, of course, and our favorite ultrawide overall is the 34-inch Samsung CF791. Available for $750 at some retailers, the Samsung offers a large, high-contrast, high-refresh, color accurate screen. It’s an incredible display for gaming. 

Squeezing in with 35 inches of ultrawide, gaming goodness…

biggest ultrawide monitors acer predator z35 hero1 800x533 c

The Acer Predator Z35.

Do you have a friend with a 34-inch ultrawide, and you want to do the bare-minimum effort required to say you have a bigger monitor? Then check out this Acer. It’s only an inch bigger than the common 34-inchers, but the Predator Z35 has more than just size going for it.

This is the ultimate, ultrawide gaming monitor, coming with support for Nvidia’s G-Sync support and an insane 200Hz refresh rate, which should please gamers looking for immersive framerates.

Delivering 38 inches of 3,840 x 1,600 resolution…

biggest ultrawide monitors dell ultrasharp u3818dw review full 2 800x533 c

LG 38UC99, HP Z38c, or Dell UltraSharp 38.

38-inch ultrawide monitors are definitely big enough to attract a crowd. Adding four more inches over a 34-inch ultrawide may not sound like much, but it actually results in almost 25 percent more display real estate to enjoy. 

Plop one down on your desk and you probably won’t get any work done (which is a shame — because of how great at multitasking these are).

LG, HP and Dell are the main choices right now, but new screens are entering this arena. We currently recommend the HP if you want sleek design, or the Dell if you want a lot of ports and functionality at a low price. They’re all tied in image quality, so pricing is a major factor. 

Measuring in at over four feet of screen, the heavyweight champion is…

biggest ultrawide monitors 49 inch samsung

The Samsung 49-inch Gaming Monitor CHG90.

While the rest of the competition is still stuck at 38 inches, Samsung wowed the world by stretching out its biggest ultrawide to 49 inches this year. Better yet, it’s a 49-inch monitor made for gaming, with support for Radeon FreeSync, HDR, and an impressive 144Hz refresh rate.

Its vertical resolution is only 1080p, which means its not as sharp as the 34-inch and 38-inch monitors on this list, but the width means you’ve got a crazy, 32:9 aspect ratio, which makes gaming that much more immersive. In case you can’t do math, that’s the equivalent of putting two 27-inch 16:9 displays into one screen.

Just make sure your space can handle this beast of a monitor. It’s as wide as many desks. 

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