The Swidget is a smart outlet that will allow you to control your whole smart home

The Swidget is a smart outlet that will allow you to control your whole smart home

Why it matters to you

The Swidget is one device you can use to control all your smart home appliances and platforms.

If there were an outlet version of the One Ring (you know, one outlet to rule them all) it would probably be the Swidget. This smart outlet hopes to eliminate clutter from your life by hiding your disparate smart home technology into a single outlet. It’s installed using your existing wiring, and promises to provide “an ever-growing suite of inserts to make your home a smart home.” So whether you’re just now getting into smart home technology or are an early adopter with a lot of tech to deal with already, you can probably find use for this gadget.

Comprised of a Swidget outlet and various inserts including a nightlight and USB charger, this system is meant to be connected to an ever-increasing number of systems using WiFi, Z-Wave, or ZigBee protocols. That’s right, no matter which protocol your smart home device uses, it’s compatible with the Swidget. That means that you can connect this smart outlet to a number of different devices, and then select the platform you like best, controlling all your smart home appliances through this one outlet.

So what can you actually do with Swidget? You can monitor which of your smart devices are using the most electricity, or set your devices to go to sleep or turn off when you know you’re going to be away. You can extend access to Alexa and other virtual assistants, or get the Swidget to alert you of any motion detected when you’re away. You can even use the smart outlet as a USB charger or carbon monoxide detector.

To use the Swidget, simply snap in an insert to the plug, and then control said insert using your smartphone or tablet with the Swidget app. Alternatively, you can control the outlet using your existing smart home hub or platform, like Smartthings, Nest, Google Home, Alexa, among others.

“The Swidget outlet is simple and familiar, operating as a normal electrical outlet until a Swidget insert brings it to life,” the team notes on its Kickstarter campaign. “It works with all commonly used protocols and is compatible with an ever-growing list of applications and technologies. It is easy to install and will work into the future by swapping inserts in and out as your needs or technology change.”

You can preorder a Swidget for $38, with an estimated delivery date of June 2018.


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