The best iPhone X screen protectors to protect your new Apple iPhone

The best iPhone X screen protectors to protect your new Apple iPhone

The iPhone X, Apple’s new top-of-the-line iPhone, has a speedy A11 Bionic processor, dual rear cameras, and a state-of-the-art facial recognition system — Face ID — that’s more secure than Touch ID. It’s by far the most advanced iPhone ever released, it’s also the most expensive: When the iPhone X pre-orders open up in October, it’ll start at $1,000 unlocked.

That’s quite an investment, and no better reason to pick up a durable screen protector for your iPhone X. Apple’s flagship is IP67 rated for water- and dust-resistance, but the company makes no claims the glass back and front will survive drops on concrete, tile, or less forgiving surfaces. Luckily, accessory makers are more than happy to fill the need. Check out our a list of the best iPhone X screen protectors and where to buy them. When you’re finished, don’t forget to check out our guide to the best iPhone X cases.

Olixar Full Glass Screen Protector ($33)

best iphone x screen protectors

The Olixar Full Glass Screen Protector is a low-profile, anti-scratch, high-tension tempered glass cover that’s shatterproof and extremely scratch-resistant. An oleophobic coating flicks away fingerprint oils, and an edge-to-edge design covers every corner of the iPhone’s curved edges. Unlike some screen protectors on the market, Olixar’s offering is engineered not to interfere with the iPhone’s 3D Touch technology.

The Olixar Full Glass Screen Protector starts at $33.

Case-Mate Screen Protector ($30)

best iphone x screen protectors

Case-Mate’s Glass Screen Protector is designed from the ground up to protect the iPhone X from impact damage. It boasts a 9H hardness rating and low profile that won’t mess with the touch responsiveness of the iPhone X’s screen or 3D Touch haptics. Case-mate’s anti-fingerprint technology prevents smudges, and a multi-layer design guarantees a high degree of scratch resistance.

The Case-Mate Screen Protector starts at $30.

Tozo Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($9)

best iphone x screen protectors

Tozo’s super-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector stretches the entire length of the iPhone X’s front, covering not just the display but the bezels around the screen. That makes it exceptionally good at protecting against falls, bumps, and scratches, and at resisting fingerprints (thanks to an oleophobic coating), and careful cutouts around the front-facing cameras and depth sensors let the iPhone X’s Face ID facial recognition see you bright as day.

The Tozo Tempered Glass Screen Protector starts at $9.

EasyACC Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($12)

best iphone x screen protectors

The EasyACC Tempered Glass Screen Protector is tempered glass solution that’s not only shatterproof, but thin enough to avoid interfering with the iPhone’s touch responsiveness. Thanks to a proprietary weave design, it shatters “cleanly” when you drop it, meaning you won’t have to worry about cutting your finger on jagged pieces jutting from the iPhone ‘s screen.

The EasyACC Tempered Glass Screen Protector starts at $12 in a two-pack.

Tech21 Impact Shield ($35) and Evo Glass ($45)

best iphone x screen protectors

Tech21’s new iPhone X screen protector collection has something for everyone.

Take the Impact Shield for example: It has a self-healing polymer surface layer that smooths over new scratches. Tech21’s BulletShield technology deflects forces safely away from the iPhone X’s screen, and its thin crystal layer ensures the phone’s touchscreen remains smooth and responsive. The Impact Shield starts at $35, and it’s available in an anti-glare model that makes the iPhone X’s screen easier to read in direct sunlight.

Tech21’s other new iPhone X screen protector, the Evo Glass, comprises a thick 4mm-thick tempered glass screen layer that shields the phone’s screen against accidental scratches and drops. It’s bendable, durable, and fingerprint-resistant, and thin enough to avoid dulling the iPhone X screen’s colors.

The Evo Glass starts at $45.

InvisibleShield Glass+ ($40) and HD ($20)

best iphone x screen protectors

InvisibleShield, a brand with a long history in the iPhone accessories business, has a new screen protector designed for the the iPhone X: The Glass+. It features Ion Matrix technology, a blend of ultra-strong impact material and surface fracture-filling finish. With a thorough inspection process that weeds out imperfections, InvisibleShield claims the Glass+ is two times stronger than most of the competition.

Glass+ starts at $40.

InvisibleShield’s cheaper alternative, the InvisibleShield HD, is an all-film adhesive that won’t protect against bumps and falls. But it’s thin, lightweight, and designed with lab-grown “smart molecules” that heal scratches over time.

The HD starts at $20, and it comes with InvisibleShield’s life-of-device policy. If the screen protector ever shows signs of scratches or wear, the company will replace it no questions asked.

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