SVS Prime Wireless speakers offer killer sound at a great price

SVS Prime Wireless speakers offer killer sound at a great price

Constantly punching above its weight (and price point), SVS makes some of our favorite high-end speakers that offer audiophile performance, without audiophile pricing. It makes sense then, that SVS would bring its penchant for high performance and affordability to its new pair of powered, wireless bookshelf speakers, the SVS Prime Wireless.

Like the SVS Prime Series passive speakers, the powered Primes are lacquered in gorgeous piano gloss, while knobs on each end of the master speaker (the one with all the electronic guts) give it a retro feel, similar to an old-school radio deck. The knobs allow for volume control and six different presets for access to your streaming services without having to dig up your phone if it happens to be indisposed. The speakers also offer support for Alexa voice control.

SVS was sure to tell us these speakers are still being tooled in both design and sound performance, though our short audition told us there’s not much need for a ton of tuning when it comes to the sound.

The Prime Wireless offer clear, bright, and peppy sound, with plenty of bass for their teensy size. But if there’s not enough oomph for you, the speakers offer a subwoofer output — these are from SVS after, all, the company born and bred on massively powerful subs like the SVS Ultra 16 (as in 16 inches of Thunderdome, rock-your-neighbor’s-house power).

Also packed into the master speaker are all the inputs you’re likely to need, including a digital optical port for your TV or CD player sound, analog RCA inputs, a USB audio input, and a proprietary cable that connects the right-side master to its slave on the left in stereo.

Wireless connection is handled via DTS Play-Fi technology for hi-res wireless streaming , and there’s also basic Bluetooth for ease of use, so anyone can instantly connect.

Inside each speaker are dual 50 watt amplifiers, one each for the woofer and tweeter, and of course, there’s a 24bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

Perhaps the best news is that SVS expects the speakers to sell for just $500-600 a pair. And from what we’ve heard, that will be one more excellent, high-end audio bargain from the company. Those looking to lock down a simple, convenient, and elegant pair of wireless speakers for their living room, but don’t have the kind of cash it takes to lock down speakers like KEF’s LS50 Wireless speakers, the new SVS Prime Wireless look poised to make a big splash.

The speakers are expected to arrive sometime this spring, and we’ll be locking them down for review soon after they’re ready to ship.

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