Save yourself the hassle and the money involved in fixing burst pipes with Flo

Save yourself the hassle and the money involved in fixing burst pipes with Flo

If the environmental impact of wasted water thanks to a burst pipe doesn’t keep you up at night, the hassle of repairing the issue certainly will. But here to help ensure that you don’t have to feel guilt or be inconvenienced is a new smart home solution for all your plumbing needs. Meet Flo from Flo Technologies, heralded as “the world’s most advanced and intelligent home water monitoring and conservation solution.”

Flo claims to sense water pressure, flow rate, and temperature, all while leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities to learn your water usage patterns. This proactively detects potential problem areas or even minuscule leaks to prevent small issue from becoming big headaches. Rather than relying on moisture sensors or flow measurements to determine when there’s already a leak, Flo instead works to get ahead of the game, and will automatically shut off water supply should a problem present itself. That means that the system will not only alert you to an issue, but take care of it on its own, as well.

To use Flo, homeowners are asked to install a small Wi-Fi connected device on the main water supply line, and connect this piece of hardware to a smartphone app. This system is said to continuously monitor the water in the home, and make use of “sophisticated algorithms” (the nature of which are unknown to us) to keep tabs on any abnormalities. For example, if Flo realizes that temperatures are dropping, you’ll be alerted to potential dangers for freezing (which is to say, burst) pipes.

Flo also claims to run tests on a daily basis to ensure that your entire plumbing system is up to snuff, and should you feel that something is particularly concern-inducing, you can have Flo run a test on command as well.

“With the ability to dramatically reduce the risk of water damage and help conserve water use, reaction to Flo has been overwhelmingly positive from consumers coast to coast, plumbing professionals and the insurance industry alike,” said Gabriel Halimi, CEO and Co-founder of Flo Technologies. “With 13 percent of a home’s water being lost each year in leaks, the Flo system can pay for itself over time.”

The Flo early adopter program begins November 20, 2017, and up to 1,000 customers will be able to get early access to the device for $399 (including installation fees). The technology will be made publicly available in early 2018.

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