Make restaurant-grade smoothies at home with the OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro

Make restaurant-grade smoothies at home with the OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro

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Why buy smoothies when you can make your own with the OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro.

Why pay someone to blend your fruit for you when you have a commercial grade blender at home? Really, there’s no need to shell out oodles of money on macerated fruit, and it’s all thanks to the OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro. This commercial-standard smoothie maker (which is to say, blender) has just made its Indiegogo debut, and while it promises big power, it carries a relatively little price.

The blender features powerful motors that will spin at the high speed of 39,000 RPM in an alternating fast-and-slow pattern to ensure maximum blending efficiency. For comparison, Vitamix blenders are said to spin at about 28,500 RPM (though they’re advertised at around 37,000 RPM). Of course, what this means is to take all advertising with a hefty grain of salt.

In any case, the motor features full copper wires and a thickened rotor, which means it ought to have a longer life span and a lower noise level. And thanks to its carbon steel blades, each of which feature both blunt and sharp sides, you should have evenly blended smoothies and shakes every time.

“You’ll never see any leafy chunks, chewable seeds, or uneven ice cubes in your smoothie,” said ODA founder Oscar Chow “OdaKitchen blenders let everyone make the most healthy and tasty smoothies in seconds by applying cutting-edge technology into the product. It pulverizes the toughest ingredients to the most absorbable states, creating the smooth-as-silk smoothie that tastes like the creamy, indulgent milkshakes of your childhood.”

With the blender’s preprogrammed cycles, users can make anything from baby food to soup to ice cream to nut butter. And regardless of what you make, ODA says that the square-designed pitcher of the Smoothie Pro allows for a “unique controlled vortex, automatically pulling the ingredients back to the blades for faster, smoother blends.” There’s also a self-cleaning setting that should make the cleanup process entirely effortless.

While other powerful blenders tend to be bulky and unwieldy, this appliance promises to be compact and easy to store. You can pre-order a Smoothie Pro now for $299 on Indiegogo, with an estimated delivery date of November 2017.

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