Looking for an Echo alternative? The Fabriq Chorus could be just that

Looking for an Echo alternative? The Fabriq Chorus could be just that

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Accessing Alexa shouldn’t be tied to owning an Amazon Echo. Now it isn’t, as you can use another smart speaker instead.

Why limit your surround sound experience to a movie theater when you can have the same experience in your home theater? Or really, just about anywhere in your home. On Monday, September 18, Toronto-based home audio company Fabriq unveiled the newest generation of its Alexa-enabled, multi-room speaker. Meet Chorus, a new smart speaker that promises to meld Amazon Alexa’s far-field voice recognition technology with high-quality sound and multi-room connectivity. Because sometimes, the Echo just isn’t enough for your needs.

An upgrade to Fabriq’s previous speaker, Riff, the Chorus’ most notable difference lies in its voice-activated Alexa service. Previously, users had to physically touch the Riff speaker in order to access the AI assistant, but now, customers can control Alexa with nothing more than their voice. Like the Echo line of devices, the Chorus is activated by way of the “Alexa” awake word, and can be asked to play music, check the weather, place calls, and more. Even if you’re already using the Chorus to play music, the smart speaker will be able to hear your Alexa commands and address your needs.

Boasting eight watts of power, two drivers, and a passive radiator, Chorus promises high sound quality on its own, but can also be integrated with other products in the Fabriq family for a more connected experience. Thanks to the speaker’s built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features, you’ll be able to stream music from a wide range of services.

“There are several smart speakers currently on the market but each one seems to compromise an important feature. With Chorus, we set out to fulfill the consumer’s full wish list – excellent audio, the ability to link with other smart speakers, the ability to play music from major streaming services, voice control and affordability — all without breaking the bank,” said Jordon Sansom, Director of Marketing at Fabriq. “We have seen the profound impact voice has had on the adoption of smart home technology and we will continue to advance our technology as we further grow the Fabriq brand.”

Now available for $100 on Target.com, Amazon.com, and thefabriq.com, the Chorus is currently available in four different patterns, and the company notes that there are more in the pipeline.

Published at Mon, 18 Sep 2017 15:15:44 +0000

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