LG V30: News and rumors

LG V30: News and rumors

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LG’s V-series phones are just as much of a flagship device as the G-series phones, and the rumored V30 promises to be the most powerful yet.

LG’s V-series smartphones have evolved into the company’s flagships — more so than the G-series hardware — due to interesting and unique features and, in many cases, stronger processors. The last model, the V20, only arrived in late 2016, so it isn’t due for replacement just yet, but rumors of a so-called V30 are already starting to spread.

Here’s what we think we know about the LG V30.


The LG V20 was very sleek and compact for a metal, big-screen phone. For the V30, LG may be using the LG G6 as a template for its design. An image apparently taken from the V30’s user manual shows how similar the two may be. Leaked on Twitter by @OnLeaks, the V30 pictured has very thin bezels, a horizontal dual-lens camera on the rear, and a fingerprint sensor below it. If it’s accurate, the V30 may visually be the G6, only bigger.

lg v30 news leak user manual

Case maker Ringke mocked up some LG V30 cases, and the phone is close in design to the one leaked elsewhere. It’s difficult to see if LG will bring back the removable battery from the V20 for the V30, and the secondary screen which made the V20 stand out appears to have been removed.

lg v30 news case ringkeOnLeaks and MySmartPrice put together a render of the V30, based on factory CAD data, showing the phone with a sleek, rounded form, glass back, and center-mounted dual-camera setup.

lg v30 news onleaks render

As for other aspects of the V30’s design, an earlier OnLeaks tweet claimed the phone will support wireless charging. If true, that would indicate the V30 could sport a glass design at least around the back to support the feature. The V20 did not allow wireless charging, and the V10 did only through an optional back cover sold separately — making the V30 the first of the series to provide it out of the box. The tweet reiterates the presence of a dual rear camera and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as well.


LG makes good camera phones, with both the V20 and the G6 taking excellent wide-angle pictures. The LG V30 looks likely to continue the tradition with an emphasis on low-light performance, with the V30’s camera featuring an f/1.6 aperture, according to an anonymous source speaking to SlashGear. This is a step above the V20’s f/1.8 aperture camera, and would beat Samsung’s f/1.7 aperture on the Galaxy S8. The lower the aperture number, the more available light can be taken in by the camera lens, resulting in better low-light images. Leaked pictures of the phone have shown two camera lenses on the V30, and the same source says LG is likely to use a wide-angle setup again.

Release date and availability

lg v30 news teaserLG may bring the V30 to the IFA technology show in September, and has sent out invitations to a special event to be held just ahead of the show on August 31. The image is shaped like a large phone, potentially with thin screen bezels, with wallpaper emphasizing the letter V. This fits in with a previous rumor published by The Investor, saying LG is planning an August launch for the LG V30. LG announced the V20 in September 2016, and hasn’t launched a major phone at the IFA tech show for several years.

After the phone is official, customers in South Korea are likely to be able to pre-order the phone first, beginning on September 15, according to Android Authority. After this, pre-orders for the phone will go live in the U.S. on September 17, and globally on September 28.

LG made the decision to restrict sales of the V20 to South Korea, the U.S., and certain other international regions, but shunned the United Kingdom. It has a chance to rectify its oversight with the V30, and in addition to the pre-order date leak, one Twitter source — the former editor of Samsung site SamMobile — says LG has decided to sell the V30 in Europe.


The LG V series is known for its dual-screen design, with a secondary “ticker” display above the primary screen, showing useful notifications and other information. However, there are rumors this feature may not appear on the V30, and that the main screen may get a substantial upgrade.

According to a “trusted source” cited over at XDA Developers, the secondary screen may be dropped for the V30. The leaked images all point to this decision too. It’s unclear why LG would make such a move, though the report proposes that it might have something to do with the company’s newfound affinity for 18:9 displays. The LG G6 released in the spring was the first modern smartphone to launch with an 18:9 aspect ratio, wider than the typical 16:9 form of most handsets. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 followed suit with a similar design, and LG may be thinking that the benefit of the roomier display renders the second screen irrelevant.

LG may have been experimenting with other options before dropping the feature. A tweet from VentureBeat’s Evan Blass back in November floated the idea the company may retire the ticker above the main screen. Another tweet elaborated that the panel would remain, but in a potentially different capacity rather than completely removed. Blass also shared a handful of mock-ups of a dual-screen phone which he says was an early pitch for Project Joan — LG’s internal name for the V30. In the images, we see a device with a slide-out panel below the display, the kind that would normally house a physical keyboard. In this case, however, it carries a second screen.

When slid back underneath the main screen, the display isn’t totally concealed and in one of the mockups, this trait is used to relay information like time, date, and weather. The primary display features minimal bezels on the left and right and, at the bottom, curves down to meet the second panel. On-screen navigation buttons are situated right along this curve.

The back of the device is equally interesting, with four circular cutouts situated in a camera stack that forms a perfect square. Presumably, two of them are lenses, with another being the flash and the final one serving as a sensor of some kind.

LG appears to have imagined a variety of uses for Project Joan’s second screen, such as multi-window applications, Google listings related to content mentioned in messages, a quick app launcher, and, unsurprisingly, a keyboard. Blass concedes this proposal is old, so the company may have dropped it and moved on to a different idea.

Not every rumor has speculated about the death of the ticker screen. A photo published on Slashleaks in March, allegedly of the V30’s front panel, shows a dual-screen design. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be much different from its predecessors, though the two similarly sized circular cutouts indicate we may see a return to the V10’s dual front-facing cameras after the V20 ditched those in favor of a single wide-angle lens.

Meanwhile, it’s looking more and more like LG will finally switch to OLED technology for the display on the V30. According to a report from The Investor, LG Display is seriously ramping up production of OLED panels, and the first device to include these new OLED panels will reportedly be the LG V30.

In addition to supplying the curved OLED displays for the LG V30, LG Display is said to also be on the hook for Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3, and The Investor reports that the company is also hoping to send its OLED panels to Apple for its iPhone. This would allow LG Display to diversify its offerings, as it’s previously stuck to liquid-crystal displays for the iEmpire.

Processing power

While LG opted to go with the Snapdragon 821 processor for its recently-released G6, due to supply problems with the newer Snapdragon 835, the situation is expected to change in time for the V30’s release later this year. A rumor published on the Chinese social media site Weibo says the V30 will have the Snapdragon 835 inside, along with 6GB of RAM.

Audio performance

LG pushed the audio experience hard on the V20, which featured the world’s first Quad DAC in a smartphone, and special tuning from B&O on the international models. The V30 may also get some special treatment. The same Weibo source claiming the V30 will get the Snapdragon 835, also says an improved version of the DAC previously used in the V20 will feature in the new model.

This makes sense, as LG fitted an upgraded Quad DAC to the LG G6, which means it may also find its way into the V30. Whether it will be updated even further isn’t known at this early stage.

Update: Leaked user manual shows LG V30, plus news on the camera

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