Kenmore makes cleaning house easier with a new dishwasher and laundry machine

Kenmore makes cleaning house easier with a new dishwasher and laundry machine

Keeping things clean, whether they’re the dishes or your clothes, may have just gotten a lot easier thanks to a couple new appliances from Kenmore. At CES 2018, the company debuted the new Kenmore Elite Smart Dishwasher as well as a new Kenmore Elite Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer pair. Both now available in Sears stores, these new offerings may make chores around the house a bit less burdensome.

The new Smart Dishwasher can be controlled from just about anywhere using the Kenmore Smart app. With a 360-degree PowerWash x Wash System, the new dishwasher boasts four wash arms and multiple motions to clean dishes from every angle. Thanks to Kenmore’s Mixed Load technology, water intensity can be varied between upper and lower racks to address different items (with different needs) in the same load. The Flexible Rack system, on the other hand, gives users a number of ways to load the dishwasher and promises enough room for 15 place settings. And because the third rack is height-adjustable, you can fit items of various sizes in the washer.

The companion app will let you know when it’s time to unload, and can also be used to set different wash cycles. The app will also tell you how much energy each cycle requires, helping you save money (and the environment). The Stainless Steel model will set you back $849, while the Black Stainless Steel version retails for $949.

Then, there is Kenmore’s new Elite Smart Front Control Top Load Washer and the companion Dryer with EasyLoad washer. Both are, of course, manageable via the Kenmore Smart app, which provides users with additional wash and dry settings, maintenance alerts, laundry status, and more. Because the washing machine is Amazon Alexa-enabled, you can easily control the laundry power settings using naught but your voice. The machine’s Accela Wash Technology promises to clean full-size loads in just 29 minutes but boasts the same clean thanks to unique wash motions and steam power.

As for the dryer, the EasyLoad Door offers both hamper and swing style loading and unloading for your convenience. And again, the Acela Steam Technology boosts the performance of steam cycles, helping to reduce wrinkles. If you set your dryer on the Steam Refresh cycle, you can remove wrinkles and odors in 10 minutes.

Both the washer and dryer have a price tag of $999.

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