How to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the U.K.

How to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the U.K.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year, in terms of anticipation, size, and price. We’re sure you can’t wait to get your hands on it, but are confused by the many deals, and the many places where your can buy the Galaxy Note 8.

We’ve got a comprehensive roundup for Galaxy Note 8 buyers in the U.S. here, and below we’re gathering all the places to buy the Note 8 in the U.K.

Wallets at the ready? Just don’t forget to read our Galaxy Note 8 hands-on review before buying. Or, if you’re still unsure, there are some compelling reasons to wait before buying.


The Galaxy Note 8 is available without a contract direct from Samsung itself.

  • Pre-orders are open now for the midnight black or maple gold version, which costs 870 British pounds. Samsung Mobile Care, a comprehensive insurance scheme that runs for 12 months, can be added for another 100 British pounds.
  • Your Galaxy Note 8 will be delivered after September 14.
  • If you’re set on getting a Note 8, then placing a pre-order will also get you a Dex Station to connect your phone to a monitor, creating a desktop computer.
  • Samsung also offers an upgrade program. Buy the Galaxy Note 8 for a monthly cost of 32.58 British pounds over two years, and after a year, you get the chance to upgrade to any newly released product in the program. You’re entered into a two-year agreement, which is interest free but requires an 86.90 British pound deposit.


If you don’t want to buy an unconnected Galaxy Note 8 through Samsung, there are also opportunities to pre-order one through a high street or online retailer; but the price remains the same at the moment.

  • Carphone Warehouse sells the 64GB midnight black and maple gold models for 870 British pounds, and is also participating in the free Samsung Dex Station docking station promotion for anyone who pre-orders the device.
  • has the 64GB phone for the same price, as does Clove Technology, but neither are offering the free Dex Station. Both have the Galaxy Note 8 launch date as September 15.
  • The Galaxy Note 8 launch day is September 15, when you’ll be able to buy the phone on the high street at selected stores.

Major networks

Want to buy your Galaxy Note 8 with a contract and service? Vodafone, O2, EE, and Three all offer deals on the new phone.

  • Pre-order the Note 8 with EE and you’ll get the free Dex Station. The network’s recommended plan is 50 British pounds upfront for the phone, then 63 British pounds each month for two years, including 15GB of 4G LTE data each month, and roaming in Europe. Other plans are available with higher monthly costs and more data.
  • Vodafone also has the free Dex Station, and has the Note 8 for 50 British pounds up front, with a 60 British pound monthly contract for two years, which includes 16GB of data, and European roaming. Other plans will be available after the phone launches.
  • Visit O2 and the same 50 British pound upfront cost applies, with a free Samsung Dex Station. Monthly costs vary, with O2 recommending a 76 British pound, two-year tariff with 30GB of data, and a chance to upgrade the phone after a year. Alternatively, spend 190 British pounds up front to get the phone, then 53 British pounds per month for two years, with 3GB of data.
  • Finally, Three has the most frugal plan for the Galaxy Note 8. It’s 100 British pounds for the phone, the 44 British pounds each month for two years, but that only comes with 500MB of data each month. Spend 80 British pounds on the phone, and 56 British pounds each month, and you get 12GB of data, which is the same price the network usually charges for 4GB. Three will also give you the Samsung Dex Station if you pre-order the phone.
  • The Galaxy Note 8 launch day is September 15, when all networks should have the phone in retail stores, but you’ll miss out on the Samsung Dex Station by not pre-ordering.

Other networks

The U.K. has many Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that also sell phones, but haven’t announced deals for the Galaxy Note 8 yet. If you’re not in a hurry, and aren’t worried about the Dex Station, it may be worth waiting to see if any offers come along that better suit you. BT Mobile and GiffGaff are two which have yet to offer the Note 8.

  • Virgin Media is one of the few MVNOs where the Note 8 can be pre-ordered. The deal includes the Samsung Dex Station, and is 50 British pounds for the phone, and 50 British pounds per month for two years with 6GB of data.
  • Sky Mobile also has the Galaxy Note 8 with the Samsung Dex Station, on its Swap24 and Swap12 plans, where the phone can be upgraded after a year or two years. For Swap12 the phone is 100 British pounds, then 45 British pounds per month for year one, and 23 British pounds per month for year two. To swap the phone after a year, a one-off 276 British pound payment is required. Also, you pay extra for data, and 3GB per month is an additional 15 British pounds.

Other deals will surely arrive once the Galaxy Note 8 is released on September 15, and we’ll update here with the best ones.

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