Get yourself an adorable Eufy RoboVac to help you clean your dirty floors

Get yourself an adorable Eufy RoboVac to help you clean your dirty floors

Are you searching for the perfect companion for your home? You may be thinking of adopting some sort of canine, feline, or even a turtle. However, there are a couple of things to consider before making that kind of commitment. Pets are expensive and constantly unwilling to help out with household chores. You can spend your paycheck on the finest pet food but good luck getting that domestic creature to suck piles of dust off those hardwood floors in return.

Robotic units like Eufy’s RoboVac 11 may not be able to replace larger vacuums for deep cleaning jobs or provide the same emotional support as a fuzzy friend, but this smart little vac still makes for a delightfully helpful companion. Watch as your mechanical pal keeps your floor tidy without you having to lift a finger (other than to turn it on). The RoboVac features a three-point cleaning system, utilizing both side brushes and a rolling bottom brush, along with powerful suction to pick up dirt and debris.

With three distinct cleaning settings, you get to choose the perfect style for your home. Built-in sensors help the robot dodge obstacles so it won’t ding up your furniture or tragically tumble down stairs. A lithium-ion battery only provides enough juice for 1.5 hours of continuous cleaning, but just press a button and this RoboVac will find its way back home to recharge automatically.

A generous $280 discount brings this adorable little robot vacuum down to a low $220 on Amazon for a limited time.



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Published at Sat, 29 Jul 2017 17:16:54 +0000

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