Get your pup trail-ready with this essential hiking gear for dogs

Get your pup trail-ready with this essential hiking gear for dogs

Most dogs love to be outdoors. They eagerly jump into the car as soon as their owners starting putting on a pair of hiking boots or pull out their paddles. Before venturing out with your canine friends, it’s imperative to make sure you’re prepared — packing those dog-specific essentials for food, water, and gear that is suitable for the conditions. Deciding what gear to buy for your dog can be daunting which is why we put together this list of recommended essentials for the trail hounds (and seadogs) we know and love. Here are our picks of the best hiking gear for dogs.

best dog hiking gear Ruffwear Front Range Harness

The Front Range harness is padded for comfort and constructed for durability, keeping your dog safe and comfortable for years. A versatile harness, it offers four points of adjustment ensuring the best fit for any breed of dog. It also allows users to adjust these points to prevent uncomfortable chafing and to grant for a full range of motion.

It features two attachment points — an aluminum V-ring on the dog’s back and a loop of reinforced webbing on the dog’s chest. Best of all, the harness is padded for comfort, which is ideal for long days of walking around town or trekking across mountain trails. When it comes to choosing the best hiking gear for dogs, nothing is as useful as Ruffwear’s Front Range Harness.

best dog hiking gear Ruffwear Knot A Leash

When the temptation to roam hits, the Ruffwear Knot-a-Leash keeps your dog by your side — especially since using a leash is a requirement for almost any public trail. Though it’s fun to have your dog run free off leash, it’s imperative to use a leash to restrain a dog when encountering other people or wildlife. Our favorite leash is the Ruffwear Knot-a-Leash. Comprised of climbing rope, the Knot-a-Leash is

Comprised of climbing rope, the Knot-a-Leash is strong enough to hold back even the largest dogs. It also boasts a bit of give, allowing dogs to tug without knocking owners off their feet. The leash attaches to a dog’s harness or collar using a carabiner, making it easy to hook and un-hook the dog at a moment’s notice. The Knot-a-Leash also has an accessory loop for poop bags and other essentials. It’s even weaved with a reflective material for use at night.

best dog hiking gear Ruffwear Singletrak Pack

The Singletrack pack provides storage for a few trail essentials and is light enough that dogs won’t even realize they’re packing their own supplies. It features two low-profile saddlebags and two soft-sided 0.6-liter collapsible water bottles for hydration. With a slim fit, five points of adjustment, and padded straps, pups can enjoy a full range of motion and comfort on the trail.

Dogs hiking in warmer climates will appreciate the light-colored fabric designed to reflect heat from the sun. If there’s a need for a larger pack, the Ruffwear Approach pack shares the same quality design but with roomier saddlebags capable of holding additional supplies.

best dog hiking gear Ruffwear Grip Trex

Like human feet, dog paws require protection when walking on rugged terrain or in extreme weather conditions. Ruffwear’s Grip Trex booties are comfortable on your dog’s feet and provide outstanding protection from rocks, roots, and other rugged conditions. These all-terrain booties have a flexible and comfortable fit, allowing most dogs to wear them without trying to kick them off.

They also offer a Vibram bottom for protection from hot sand and other damaging surfaces while providing extra grip on rocks and roots. In the winter, the Grip Trex are essential for preventing snow and ice from balling up in a dog’s paws.

best dog hiking gear robinventures Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl

The Port-a-Bowl fits easily in a backpack or bag and is durable enough for even the rockiest terrain. The simple fabric dish is also extremely lightweight, weighing less than 2 ounces and stuffs down to the size of a fist. On the trail, the bowl is rigid enough to hold any kind of food and is perfect for a quick water stop, and durable for either day trips or week-long backpacking excursions. With a price tag under $10, Outward Hound’s Port-a-Bowl is as cost-effective a piece of dog hiking gear as it gets.

How we test

When possible, our dog gear recommendations have been field tested across a variety of terrains and weather conditions. We try to test each item under the conditions which it will be most frequently used. When testing the gear is not possible, we look at the features of the item and compare it to existing models in our arsenal of gear.

We examine how each piece of hiking gear for dogs changed and what improvements, if any, were made for the current year. We also comb through product specifications and both manufacturer and retailer videos for insight into any new technology advances that were developed for these latest and greatest dog-centric items.

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