Fuel adventure with the best camping gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

Fuel adventure with the best camping gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

The holidays are upon us — there’s eggnog in the fridge, the decorations are out, and every time you leave the house you hear Jingle Bells three dozen times. With the final stretch of the season underway, the time has come to get your gift shopping wrapped up.

If there’s still an outdoorsy person left on your list who loves everything from camping and skiing to hiking or other forms of adventure, we’ve collected a few suggestions for you. Be it multi-toolscamp stoves, or sports racks, we’ve included everything an outdoor junkie wants to unwrap this holiday season in this list of the best camping gifts.

best camping gifts belmont hella good adventure blanket lifestyle

Wherever their adventure takes them, this durable, hand-crafted blanket provides a comfy space to sit. Made with melange-styled, woven outer face fabric and fuzzy fleece inner lining, the 5 by 6-foot fabric keeps them warm and protected from the elements. The high-end blanket’s technical membrane offers a waterproof-breathability rating of 10K/5K and the materials are constructed with antimicrobial textiles to shed moisture and odor.

The edges are hand-sewn with a smooth, double-folded, poly-cotton tape, keeping the blanket insulated and long-lasting. It features a bridle leather wrap for rolling or storing and a debossed glove leather tag with a handset steel rivet and antique brass finish. Lastly, the blanket comes in a sleek, charcoal grey carry bag made from 100 percent Pendleton Eco wool imported from Scotland.

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best camping gifts camp chef stainless steel coffee pot lifestyle

Just because they may venture many miles from Starbucks doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a piping hot cup of java in the woods. Thankfully, Camp Chef’s chic stainless steel coffee pot makes 28 five-ounce cups of Joe for caffeine-starved campers. With a wire bail handle and a two-piece percolator system, the coffee maker showcases a hinged lid and shatter-proof viewing chamber to watch the device in action. Rounding out the list of features is a sturdy flip-top lid, smooth pour spout, and a large handle grip.

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best camping gifts fullwindsor

Constructed from rust-free aerospace-grade titanium, this awesomely robust ten-in-one multi-tool is the ultimate do-everything gadget. At just 20 grams, the lightweight device features a polished spork on one side for eating while the other side hosts a butter knife for spreading PB and J or cutting bread — there’s even a bottle opener that serves as a potato peeler.

Full Windsor’s multi-tool also has a can opener slash chord cutter that works with a Ferro fire-starting flint in the pouch to create sparks for wilderness fires. The other end of the utensil operates as a flat head screwdriver, ply bar, and box cutter. The handy tool is elegantly crafted with a minimalist design and comes in a Hypalon sack with a carabiner.

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best camping gifts lodge wildlife series skillets  lifestyle

This rugged set of outdoorsy heirloom skillets showcases relief-cast etchings of moose, trout, bears, and other rustic designs. The foundry-seasoned pans — made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee — are a follow-up to a previous collector’s series released in the mid-90s that displayed similar outdoor-focused designs. The skillets deliver premium heating capacity for searing steaks or other meats, whether they’re cooking over a campfire or in their kitchen at home.

The ergonomic handles have slight curves toward the base to offer comfortable grips and that ability to transfer food with ease. There are five individual pieces in the series: An 8-inch duck skillet, a 10.25-inch deer skillet, a 10.5-inch moose griddle and a 10.5-inch trout grill pan, and a 12-inch bear skillet, all of which make for a stellar camping skillet while also offering a cabin vibe when hanging on the walls.

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best camping gifts luminoodle basecamp 10ft lifestyle 2

This incredibly convenient little invention is basically a long, bendy tube of magnetic lights that can be thrown and twisted into any shape, providing illumination for the outdoors. The lights fit perfectly along the edge of a backyard deck, around a campfire, or at a picnic table. Stick them onto the car or slap them on any metal surface — they can even be thrown onto bikes or worn for night cycling and other evening fitness excursions.

The 10-foot light rope is soft and flexible with powerful LED lights offering 360 lumens. The noodle works with any USB port or universal battery pack and comes with a handful of orange flexible handling loops, a roller to wrap the cord up neatly, and a slim pouch which doubles as a lantern when the beads are inside.

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best camping gifts lockrack water craft multi rack lifestyle

The trickiest part of watersports roof rack systems is dealing with tie-downs and cam straps. They also tend to require different accessories for different sports. This means if the person you’re shopping for is someone who kayaks some days yet paddleboards others, they’re wasting time constantly switching out their racks. Lockrack’s clever rack system solves both problems, offering an easy, strap-free method of carrying water sports gear.

The heavy-duty, 25.6-inch rack, which features a patented theft-prevention system, carries two standup paddleboards, a kayak, or a canoe in the same setup. The rubberized lockable bars are rust-resistant and super secure, snapping the bars into place without a single strap. It comes with sliders which attach to both Thule and Yakima crossbars, as well as any factory roof rack that has an accessory groove. Adventurers with square bar roof racks can purchase an easy set of adapters and the company makes systems for skiers and surfers, too.

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best camping gifts traegar grills ptg plus travel grill lifestyle

This smoky, high-end mini grill allows anyone to enjoy fancy culinary treats like barbecued ribs or wood-fired pizzas while camping, tailgating, or other outdoor adventuring. The portable tabletop grill features 173 square inches of grilling space that sits over a brilliantly engineered pellet hopper which circulates heat and smoke via an induction fan. It has the ability to send fuel to the hopper at varying speeds, allowing the chef to choose between slow-cooked or hot-and-fast cooking methods whether grilling, baking, roasting, or braising. Best of all, the flavor of natural wood pellets beats gas or charcoal every time.

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best camping gifts acecamp collapsible water bottle lifestyle

This genius water bottle is made from a bendy, squishy silicone material that collapses inside itself when you press it together, providing water when you need it and a lightweight, compact way to carry it when empty. Designed for hiking, camping, and backpacking, the 24-ounce collapsible container is ultra-portable, as well as safe for dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers. The sterling silver twist-off lid is durable with an excellent seal and an easy-carry handle. It’s the perfect gift for an active, fit person who spends time outside and wants to stay hydrated.

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best camping gifts aeros premium deluxe pillow lifestyle

Once upon a time, sleeping in the backcountry was a rugged proposition that involved half-sized rolls of foam and clothes wadded into pillowcases. These days, lightweight sleep technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing backpackers luxurious sleeping conditions, even deep in the wilderness.

Sea To Summit’s brand-new Aeros Premium Deluxe pillow is eight inches longer and four inches wider than previous counterparts, making it a large and comfy while still strikingly lightweight. Like similar S2S products, the pack-sized pillow uses the company’s patented Air Sprung Cells tech and is by far one of the best lightweight backcountry pillows on the market.

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