For the ultimate party boat when money is no object, it’s all about the tech

For the ultimate party boat when money is no object, it’s all about the tech

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To throw the ultimate party on your superyacht you’ll need the right tech.

When it comes to party boats, all vessels are not created equal. If you want the ultimate party boat you’ll need the best tech and that takes planning at the design stage, reports Boat International.

The bigger the boat the tougher it can be to retrofit with newer A/V technology. If you buy a superyacht or even a biggish yacht that falls a bit below the 24.3-meter (80-foot) minimum superyacht length, odds are pretty good you’ll upgrade your electronics and other onboard niceties sooner than you’ll upgrade your boat. Boat International identifies ten party-focused factors to consider when designing a new yacht or even buying an existing vessel.

Planning and foresight sit at the top of the list, especially for A/V. Boat International quoted Master Yachts management company’s operations director Patrick Moussa to back up the importance of A/V upgrade readiness.

“A/V is a moving target,” Moussa said. “We bring the experts in early. The hardest things to retrofit are additional wires, while a speaker or TV is easily replaced. The experts will know what’s coming five years from now, and may even know how it will be wired up.”

Technology that helps convert your vessel to party mode can be as important as the A/V equipment itself. When you don’t have permanent A/V staff, “… smart software solutions and automation should be at the center,” according to yacht tech specialist company VBH‘s Goran Antonijevic.

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