Devialet takes things up a level with its Phantom Elevate wireless speaker

Devialet takes things up a level with its Phantom Elevate wireless speaker

For those who want a wireless speaker with looks to match its sound, you’re in luck. Devialet is releasing a new version of its high-end wireless Phantom speaker, the Phantom Elevate. It’s a uniquely attractive device that has a notable footprint, but what’s really sure to turn heads is how it sounds.

It’s fair to say the previous version of this hefty speaker was tricked out for huge sound, reaching decibel ranges and frequencies most other speakers wouldn’t dream of attempting. The original Phantom was an impressive device, and one we gave high marks to when we reviewed it, but this new iteration goes even further. The new Phantom Elevate’s power has been boosted to 1,200 watts, which is a marked increase from the original’s 750 watts. As for sound enhancements, the volume range has been nudged from 99dB to 101dB.

These numbers are achieved thanks to a several specialized technologies that are packed into the speaker. The Phantom Elevate is equipped with the next generation of Devialet’s patented Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology, ADH2. Devialet claims that ADH “delivers the sophistication of analog amplification together with all the power and compactness of digital amplification.” The company further claims that the Elevate’s ADH2 breaks the previous Phantom speaker’s “record in amplification performance, and resulting in truly implosive sound.” By implosive sound, Devialet is referring to the dual bass drivers found on Phantom speakers, which move in tandem to create what the company calls Heart Bass Implosion. This is how Phantom speakers are able to reach to ranges beyond those of  human hearing with “zero distortion, zero saturation, and zero background noise.”

While those specs are welcome increases, one important number has been reduced for this newest Phantom speaker: the price. Previously, the original Phantom was sold for $1,990, but Devialet is offering this new Phantom Elevate for $1,690, making it the lowest priced of the company’s Phantom speakers.

Like its fellow Phantom speakers, the Elevate includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and supports streaming personal files from iOS, Android, PC, and Mac with Devialet’s Spark app. You can also expand its connectivity by pairing up with Devialet’s Dialog accessory, which acts as a centralized hub for any connected Phantom speakers, and you can add Apple AirPlay and the ability to stream directly from services like Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

The Phantom Elevate is available now from Devialet’s online store for $1,690, though shipping is free. You’ll also get a free Tidal subscription with your purchase. It’s further worth pointing out that Devialet offers a 45-day in-home trial on both its entire Phantom speaker line and the Dialog accessory. Should you decide that the speaker just isn’t right for you, you can send it back for a full refund.

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