Beautiful Number Theory Problem and Sandbox for Data Scientists

Beautiful Number Theory Problem and Sandbox for Data Scientists

The Waring conjecture – actually a problem associated with a number of conjectures, many now being solved – is one of the most fascinating mathematical problems. This article covers new aspects of this problem, with a generalization and new conjectures, some with a tentative solution, and a new framework to tackle the problem. Yet it is written in simple English and accessible to the layman.

I also review a number of famous related mathematical conjectures, including one with a $1 million award still waiting for a solution, as well as Goldbach’s conjecture, yet unproved as of today.  Many curious properties of the Floor function are also listed, and the emphasis is on machine learning and efficient computer-intensive algorithms to try to find surprising results, which then need to be formally proved or disproved.

Content of this article:

1. General Framework

  • Spectacular Result
  • New Generalization of Golbach’s Conjecture
  • New Generalization of Fermat’s Conjecture

2. Generalized Waring Problem

  • Definitions
  • Main Results
  • Open Problems
  • Fun Facts (Actually, Conjectures!)

3. Algorithms and Source Code

  • Case n = 2: Sums of Two Terms
  • Case n = 4: Sums of Four Terms

4. Related Conjectures and Solved Problems

  • The One Million Dollar Conjecture

Read the full article here.

Published at Thu, 11 Jan 2018 01:00:00 +0000

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