Awesome Alpina AlpinerX Alive smartwatch will satisfy both tech and watch geeks

Awesome Alpina AlpinerX Alive smartwatch will satisfy both tech and watch geeks

Swiss watch maker Alpina has announced a new version of its AlpinerX hybrid smartwatch, called the AlpinerX Alive. The big changes here include a new color screen with touch sensitive glass over the top, and plenty of new features including a heart rate sensor. The original Alpina Alpiner X smartwatch was a fantastic blend of connected technology and fine Swiss watch making, and its exciting to see an even tighter integration of the two worlds for this new model.

The Alpina AlpinerX Alive’s face is dominated by the analogue dial, but with a small color OLED touchscreen set in the bottom half. It’s a discrete complication that doesn’t detract from the Alpina’s style. The screen shows the time and date, timers, battery percentage, your heart rate, step count, hydration reminders, alarms, and notifications too.

The heart rate monitor on the back of the watch increases its usefulness in fitness tracking, as does built-in GPS. The original AlpinerX is aimed at the outdoor enthusiast, while the AlpinerX Alive seems to have broadened its appeal, and now includes sleep tracking, breathing reminders, and fitness coaching too. All this requires the use of its companion app. However, all this new tech does mean the AlpinerX Alive now has greater power requirements, and the battery needs recharging every seven days. The original AlpinerX does not need charging at all, and runs on a standard watch battery.

There are two case types available — a blue fiberglass case and a polished stainless steel case, and both measure 45mm. Whichever you choose, it’s possible to customize everything from the type of strap and the shade of the inner bezel surround, to the color of the dial and the hands. There are an astonishing 1,500 different designs possible using Alpina’s online configurator, so you can really make the watch your own.

Like the first version, the Alpina AlpinerX Alive looks set to satisfy both your inner watch geek and tech geek, and it’s one of the few examples of the traditional Swiss watch industry getting smartwatches right. However, credentials like this don’t come cheap. The blue fiberglass Alpina AlpinerX Alive costs the equivalent of $1,030, while the polished stainless steel version is about $1,340. Plus, it’s not easy to buy one yet, as Alpina currently has not opened sales in the U.S. or the U.K. yet.

The original AlpinerX was similarly restricted at first, but over time it became easier to purchase internationally. It was worth the effort, and it looks like the AlpinerX Alive will be too.

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Published at Mon, 04 May 2020 13:20:05 +0000

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