8 must-have portable tech gadgets you can score for cheap right now

8 must-have portable tech gadgets you can score for cheap right now

Electronics are getting smaller and smaller, and we all seem to have our own special portable tech gadgets that we never leave home without. You probably already have a smartphone with you just about everywhere you go, but if you’re in the market for some new portable tech, we’ve rounded up a handful of great palm-sized devices.

Below are eight of our favorite portable tech deals going right now, from a pair of wireless headphones to a new smartwatch. Even better: All of these gadgets are currently on sale on Amazon at deep discounts of up to 79 percent off.

Saking electronic USB lighter

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Need a light? Electric lighters like this one from Saking put a whole new spin on traditional designs. Fluid lighters can be messy and run out of fuel quickly (the famous Zippo, while an all-American classic, is notorious for this), not to mention that lighter fluid and butane canisters are an extra expense. The Saking lighter, on the other hand, uses an internal rechargeable battery to project a windproof electric arc instead of a flame. The design is environmentally friendly and delivers up to 300 lights on a single charge. When it needs more juice, simply plug it in and power it up via the included USB charging cable. No wicks, flints, fluid, or gases to fuss around with.

A 79 percent discount takes $39 off the price of the Saking lighter on Amazon, meaning you can have this unique device for just $11.


Pebble Time smartwatch

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This portable tech gadget isn’t something you put in your pocket – in fact, it’s something you can wear all day. The Pebble Time is an attractive and affordable entry-level smartwatch that syncs with your Android or iOS device and send notifications and incoming messages right to your wrist. The device’s built-in mic lets you reply without even pulling out your phone. The vibrant LED e-paper display is always on and is easy on the eyes. You can choose from thousands of downloadable watch faces to suit your style as well.

Pebble is no longer producing wearables (but worry not, Pebble fans — Rebble has you covered), so this is a solid chance to score a deal on one if prices on the other top smartwatches give you sticker shock. A new Pebble Time can be yours for as low as $53 on Amazon while supplies last, giving you a discount of $97.


Senso Bluetooth Headphones

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A good pair of Bluetooth headphones is invaluable if you’re frequently on the move and don’t want to be without your music and other entertainment. But many pairs of wireless earbuds feature clunky receivers or housings that sit on your neck, making them too big to carry in your pocket. In contrast, the compact Senso Bluetooth headphones fit comfortably behind your ears without any unnecessary bulk.

These headphones feature a nano-coated surface that is resistant to sweat and water, making them a great choice for outdoors and sporting activities. The Senso wireless Bluetooth headphones are available on Amazon for $37, giving you a 78 percent savings of $133.


Dofly 3,400mAh mini power bank

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Power banks are great little devices to have with you when you’re out and about, allowing you to give your portable tech a power boost without having to hunt around for the nearest outlet or USB port. The Dofly mini power bank takes this portability to the next level with its pocket-friendly size and 3,400mAh internal battery. The included lanyard also does double duty as a handy Micro USB charging cable.

The pocket-sized Dofly mini power bank won’t fully charge your devices multiple times over, but the 3,400mAh battery is sufficient for full or near-full charges for most smartphones. This handy portable charger can be had for $12 on Amazon after a 67 percent discount of $24.


Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh power bank

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If the palm-sized Dofly charger whets your appetite for portable tech but you want something with a bit more juice, the Anker PowerCore is another excellent pocket-friendly power bank. Its 10,000mAh battery can charge your phone multiple times, but the PowerCore is barely larger in length and width than a credit card.

Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology optimizes charging speed for different devices, ensuring that you’re not waiting around too long for your gadgets to recharge when you need a boost in a pinch. A 48 percent discount of $24 knocks the Anker PowerCore down to just $26 on Amazon.


RIF6 Cube portable projector

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When it comes to mini video projectors, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more portable than the Cube from RIF6. This little LED projector measures roughly 2 inches long on each side but can project an image as wide as 120 inches at 50 lumens. Multiple inputs include a MicroSD slot for stored media, along with an HDMI port for full 1080p HD support. The Cube also comes with a handy remote control, as well as a sturdy tripod, giving you virtually everything you need for an ultra-compact HD video setup.

A 19 percent discount drops the RIF6 Cube down to $241 on Amazon, providing a nice savings of $58.


PNY Micro Hook 32GB USB drive

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There’s no such thing as having too much storage space. Long gone are the days when a 500MB hard drive was considered impressive. Digital storage continues to get smaller and more efficient, and SD cards and USB flash cards are wonderful things to have if you’re frequently moving data between devices or workstations. The PNY Micro Hook USB flash drive is a stellar alternative to those easy-to-lose SD cards.

This small USB storage device packs 32GB of memory in a durable metallic body, and its small hook makes it the perfect addition to your keychain. The PNY Micro Hook 32GB USB drive can be yours for just $24.50 on Amazon after a 23 percent discount shaves $7.50 off the normal price.



Looking for more great deals on portable tech and other electronics? Check out our deals page to score some extra savings on our favorite gadgets.

Update: Added the Saking USB lighter and Pebble Time smartwatch. Removed the Pebble Time Steel and Yi action cam and updated pricing.

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